If you like your food cooked low & slow, then step right up and order some of our BBQ. Some of the folks selling  ‘Q  are also competing for prizes and championship status in our contest, so you know you’re getting the best of the best!

Classic Car Show

Step back in time at our classic car show presented by Parkway Christian Car Club on Saturday morning.

$15,000 in Prize Money!

Great Food

Lots of great food vendors - BBQ and more!

Craft Fair

Prepare to be delighted by the fine items in the Crafts Fair. Many of our artisans demonstrate their skills and enjoy chatting with you about their craft. 


Located right in the heart of the farmer's market, The AMP will host musical local entertainment from Rockabilly to Rock N' Roll! 


The 2017 Blues Hog & BBQ Music Fest will be held on March 31st & April 1st at a NEW VENUE - Wayne Jerrolds Riverfront Park in Savannah, TN!!!  We are really excited about this new venue, sitting on the banks of the beautiful Tennessee River!  More info soon!!!


April 1-2, 2016 was the date for the Second Annual Blues Hog BBQ & Music Fest!  Here are the results:

Governor's Cup - Rooters-n-Tooters of Mt. Pleasant, TN

Overall Ranking

1.  Gettin' Basted       

2.  Thunder Hog BBQ

3.  Rooters-n-Tooters

4.  Midnight Smokers

5.  Hot Cole's BBQ      

6.  one2bbq                 

7.  Fire Dancer BBQ   

8.  Yellow River BBQ  

9.  QUAU                      

10.  Smoke on This     



  1. Fire Dancer BBQ
  2. Oklahoma Joe's Serious Que
  3. Gettin' Basted
  4. Give It To God
  5. QUAU
  6. Rooters-n-Tooters
  7. Big B's BBQ TN
  8. Thunder Hog BBQ
  9. Southern Bootleggers BBQ Team
  10. Midnight Smokers

Pork Ribs

  1. Gettin' Basted
  2. Rooters-n-Tooters
  3. one2bbq
  4. Thunder Hog BBQ
  5. Southern Bootleggers BBQ Team
  6. Yellow River BBQ
  7. Midnight Smokers
  8. Smokin' Butts
  9. Brewmasters Bar-B-Que
  10. Buckshot Malone's Pig Shack


Pulled Pork

  1. Sexy Q
  2. Gettin' Basted
  3. Music City PigPals
  4. Killer Hogs
  5. Hobbie's BBQ
  6. Heavenly Manna BBQ
  7. BBQr's Delight
  8. K&K Kookers
  9. TN Que-N-Brew
  10. Yellow River BBQ


  1. Fire Dancer BBQ
  2. Killer Hogs
  3. Hot Cole's BBQ
  4. Smoke'm if U Got'm
  5. Outlaw Hogs, LLC
  6. All in Que
  7. Gettin' Basted
  8. Midnight Smokers
  9. BBQr's Delight
  10. Thunder Hog BBQ

Dessert Ancillary

1.The Algood Bar-B-Q Pit Crew


3.K-Town Daddy's BBQ

Kids Que

1.Fire and Spice

2.Texas Que

3.Jason Graves


Results of the First Annual Blues Hog BBQ & Music Festival

July 4-5, 2015 

2015 Results 

Governor's Cup - Hot Cole's BBQ of Gallatin, TN

Overall Ranking

  1. Brewmaster’s Bar-B-Que
  2. Gettin’ Basted
  3. Smoke Me Silly
  4. Hot Cole’s BBQ
  5. Rooters-n-Tooters
  6. Southern Smokers
  7. Natural Born Grillers
  8. Q-Bones BBQ
  9. Victory Lane BBQ
  10. Smelly Butts n BBQ


  1. Southern Smokers
  2. Gettin’ Basted
  3. Fire Dancer BBQ
  4. Hot Cole’s BBQ
  5. Under the Radar-TN
  6. Brewmasters Bar-B-Que
  7. Swamp Boys
  8. Smoke Me Silly
  9. Dad’s Grillin Crew
  10. Smell Butts n BBQ

Pork Ribs

  1. Gettin’ Basted
  2. Brewmasters Bar-B-Que
  3. Serious Que Barbeque
  4. Swamp Boys
  5. Natural Born Grillers
  6. Q-Bones BBQ
  7. Smoke Me Silly
  8. Skin and Bones BBQ
  9. The Blue Bloods
  10. Holy Smokes BBQ


  1. Smoke Me Silly
  2. Bubba-Q’s – Iowa
  3. Q-Bones BBQ
  4. Gettin’ Basted
  5. Rooters-n-Tooters
  6. Big B’s BBQ-TN
  7. Natural Born Grillers
  8. Rural Route BBQ
  9. BBQr’s Delight
  10. Victory Lane BBQ


  1. Brewmasters Bar-B-Que
  2. Smoke’m If U Got’m
  3. Rooter-n-Tooters
  4. Sleepy Hollow
  5. Southern Smokers
  6. Hot Cole’s BBQ
  7. BBQr’s Delight
  8. Natural Born Grillers
  9. Fire Dancer BBQ
  10. Smelly Butts n BBQ



Anything But..

  1. Swine Crue
  2. Smelly Butts n BBQ
  3. Baron of BBQ
  4. BBQr’s Delight
  5. Smoke’m If U Got’m
  6. Gettin’ Basted
  7. Rubbin Racks BBQ
  8. TN Que-N-Brew
  9. Team Kissell
  10. Downtown Grillers

Leg Quarters

  1. Rubbin Racks BBQ
  2. TN Que-N-Brew
  3. Gettin’ Basted
  4. Swamp Boys
  5. Big B’s BBQ-TN
  6. Smoke’m If U Got’m
  7. Bubba-Q’s – Iowa
  8. Swine Crue
  9. Smelly Butts n BBQ
  10. K-Town Daddy’s BBQ

Backyard BBQ

Grand Champ – Zilla’s Pit BBQ


  1. Tom Kat’s BBQ
  2. Zilla’s Pit BBQ


  1. Zilla’s Pit BBQ
  2. Tom Kat’s BBQ

People’s Choice

  1. Snafu on the Buffalo
  2. Baron of BBQ
  3. Rooters-n-Tooters


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